Idling in the Ionian on IDA, May 2010

N 39° 31' E 20° 03'

The end is nigh!

May 29, 2010

Our last day of sailing for this trip!

No-one was around at the port police when we arrived last night but this morning two of them boarded the coastguard rib that was moored outside the office and set off on patrol.  As they passed us they said “Papers please, when we get back”

Lipiana had run out of water overnight so Mark and I refilled her tank from the tap on the quay. No hose available here so we resorted to using the two spare 5 litre water jerrycans from Ida’s cockpit locker.

A fairly simple operation when there are two of you and hence can pass them back and forth without having to get on and off the boat with them. 20 or so cans later and that was that.

I had topped IDA’s tanks up in Vathi about 6 days back and were still on the original tank (331’s have two water tanks and a selector tap) so I didn’t take Mark up on the offer of filling ours as well.

It is getting to about 10:30 and still no sign of the police, but yes there is a vessel approaching at a fair rate of knots. Pick up the papers and walk along to the office as they are still mooring up.

“When are you leaving?” “As soon as we have sorted out the paperwork” I don’t think this was what they really wanted to hear, they probably wanted to get a coffee after their patrol, but anyway 10 minutes later and 3.80 euros later we have our receipt and a cleared to go.

(When you are docked in the same port as the lead boat they do all the admin stuff for you, and you don’t have to pay unless you are in a marina, which are few and far between in the Ionian).

So its engine on, in neutral, let go forward and haul in on the kedge.. Nothing happens we have been wallowed by the Sayada mud overnight (I said this harbour was shallow). A little burst of astern whilst pulling on the kedge and she slips back into open water. A real case of having to kedge off!  Recover the anchor thick grey mud comes up all over the chain. The anchor itself has a real thick lump on it so I say to Gary take her out slowly whilst I dunk the anchor to get the mud off.

Gary looks at our position with the stern facing the entrance and takes her out backwards, “It was easier than turning around…”, he is getting more confident in his boat handling these days!

We get a bit of sailing in as we leave the bay but then the wind dies as usual at about 12 o’clock and its back under engine.

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