Idling in the Ionian on IDA, May 2010

N 39° 37' E 20° 10'

Into the land of the prawn

May 28, 2010

The SW breeze has almost died away and even a a drifting, goose-winging battle with two Aloa 27’s also heading for Sayada does little to keep up the enthusiasm for sailing. OK I give in, engine on!

We had seen Nerita astern of us but hadn’t seen anything of the Lipiana which was also coming here. Hold on there is a boat ahead just off the coast. They had taken an inshore route following the 5 metre contour.

Sayada harbour entrance looks quite narrow but you used to be able to use the two lamp posts on either side to help you keep her in the middle as you approached.

These navigation aids have unfortunately gone the same way as most Greek nav aids and have collapsed! Probably got used as mooring points and the strain of the ropes eventually overcame the rust…

The harbour is quite shallow so it is best to go bows-to here and we park up without to much trouble. Mooring rings are few and far between though so you may need fairly long mooring lines (or use a lamp post or two).

Round to the tavern to sample their locally caught prawns (sold by the kilo,  but previous experiences have shown that you need two or three of you to handle a whole kilo…) Gary and I take it easy and have a 1/2 kilo between us. 

Prices in Greece seem to be higher these days, not helped by the falling value of the Pound, going rate for prawns here was 40 euros a kilo, which probably works out a 1 euro per prawn.  Take a look at the photos though, you don’t make a prawn cocktail with these.

 (Not a lot of photos of Sayada this trip, how many times can you take the same shot over the years so for pictures of the harbour etc look at my earlier trips, it hasn’t changed much!)

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