Idling in the Ionian on IDA, May 2010

N 39° 14' E 20° 08'


May 26, 2010

Time to turn onto a broad reach back to Lakka, and I just can’t get Ida to feel right at that point of sailing. I must be doing something wrong with the sail trim… Fiddle a bit with the sheets and the outhaul and get her a bit better but am still left thinking that I just haven’t got it quit right…

Still it has been a good afternoon’s blast!

Coming back into the bay we were thinking about lying at anchor tonight but the anchorage area is already looking very crowded and there are still boats coming in.  I have had nights worrying about swinging into neighbouring boats before and we decide to opt for a berth on the quay instead.

There have been a few changes here since I was last here two years ago. One of my favourite tavernas is now a supermarket and the Harbour Lights bafe/bar seems to have gone.

A walk around the village and we find that the Harbour Lights has moved into one of the side streets (walk down the quay with the water on your right and turn left at the SW corner of the harbour), but still has the same English owner  and still offers a full english breakfast. (She will even do Cod, Chips and Mushy peas for dinner if you are getting withdrawal symptoms after all this moussaka etc).

Next door is a little old style taverna, the sort where they invite you into the kitchen to smell what they are cooking whilst they explain today’s menu to you.  Spit roasted lamb, Spit roased Pork… it smells heavenly.

Gary is bit in-decisive about the chef’s recommendation of the pork but the wave of a sharp knife and he has bit in his hand to try, right that is one order settled. I go for the kleftiko which I am assured will be ready by the time we have had our starters (watch out the salad portions here are big).

Then its is a stroll back along the quay and sit and watch the sun go down with a beer or two before I go back to the boat. Gary is going to stay out a bit and see what the local club scene is like. (Strange how he always seems to get back on the boat without any help after he has had a night out, even if he wanted help earlier…)

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