Idling in the Ionian on IDA, May 2010

N 38° 39' E 20° 45'


May 18, 2010

Porta Spiglia is exposed to the north and north-east and the Northerly wind overnight has been pushing some wicked swell into the bay.

Over at Steve and Jerries we were relatively well sheltered (I finally worked out the purpose of a bit of floating pontoon that had no apparent access to the quay. It is a breakwater!)

The village quay is tucked in behind the headland on the NW corner of the bay and is also fairly well sheltered but the “Porta Spiglia” taverna has some floating pontoons that are exposed.

There was another Sailing Holdays flotilla over there last night and they have taken a bit of a bashing, tossing boats and clashing masts I understand…

Anyway forecast today is N6 – 7 and we aren’t going to move anywhere. A fairly common situation when you have a flotilla of 10 boats, is working out not only where you can go for shelter but whether there will be enough space for everybody when you get there. Quite often the boats that are in the sheltered spots (like our fleet) aren’t going anywhere and it has to be really bad where you are to take a punt on going somewhere else…

Well the news is that the Sunsail flotilla in Vathi is heading down to Sivota so the Jaguars over a “Porta Spiglia” are going to hop around the corner and tuck in there before anyone else can get there.

Several of our crews (including the two of us on Ida) decide to take the morning ferry across to Nidri and come back in the afternoon.

Our lead crew are off in their rib to help out with the Jaguar flotilla. 

From the ferry quay we see the strange sight of the rib being used to tow yachts out of their moorings and helping them turn around to get themselves bow on to the wind and seas before letting them go off on their short trip to Vathi.

There are a lot more crews wearing lifejackets today and I’m not at all suprised at that.

A “trireme” style trip boat, complete with a ram on the bow, is coming into harbour as one of the Jaguars is leaving. Not a problem as they are already both well over to each others port sides… Not a problem until the Jaguar skipper forgets that you should drive on the right and pass red  to red and goes hard a port to get onto the left hand side of the channel.  A bit of full astern to sudden stop from the trip boat stops her spearing the Jag with her ram…

Anyway we are on the Meganissi II and on-route for Nidri.

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