East Coast Australia Cruise 2010

S 17° 56' E 146° 08'

13th August – 14th August Dunk Island

August 14, 2010

Sailed up to Dunk Island and anchored up for a day or r&r. Took the mega walk around the island and had a drink at the resort on the way back. A wedding being held that afternoon with the bride arriving on the back of a lime green jetski! Life jacket and all over the wedding dress. Then with official proceeding the happy couple took off on the jetski pursued by their photographer on the back of another jetski. 

Anchored 17.55.88S 146.08.27E

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S 18° 14' E 146° 12'

11th August Creek 7 Missionary Bay

August 11, 2010

We had heard that on high tide you can get up Creek no7 via creek 6 and anchor way up in the mangroves and then by dinghy, avoiding the crocodiles, to a walk that takes you through to Ramsay Bay.
Picked our way up the creek and got to the end, very narrow, anchored but found we were swinging across the creek into the mangroves. A tourist boat came up and took up a mooring. We heard them tell the passengers it was a two hour stop. We moved back down the creek with the intention of waiting for them to leave then going up and using there mooring. Principle behind this was that the entrance to the creek is impassable after height tide so no one else was going to use it.
Picked up the mooring and dinghied down the rest of the creek to a pontoon an then walked through to Ramsay bay. Had a good walk on deserted beach. Headed back to the boat with the intention of staying overnight and leaving on the high tide next morning. By about 1600 the sand flies started to appear and we thought better to leave on the night high tide and anchor back into Missionary Bay. Had no water under us and waited till 1740 and started to work our way out of the creek. All good some shallow patches but got through to the sand bar at 1845, then ran out of water, touched bottom and had to wait 30 minutes for tide to come in some more. Anchored in Missionary Bay at 1945

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S 18° 14' E 146° 12'

10th August. Missionary Bay

August 10, 2010

Picked our way out off the reef at first light and headed back to top of Hinchinbrook Island and Missionary Bay.
Rain squalls, first rain of the trip, and again light winds.
Anchored Missionary Bay 1500, beautiful calm protected water.

Anchored 18.13.67S 146.12.47E

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S 18° 18' E 146° 46'

9th August Walker Reef

August 08, 2010

We planned that on this trip we would visit more reefs, so headed off to Walker Reef, weather forecast was good for a night in the ocean.
Arrived Walker reef at 1500 and anchored off a sand cay, beautiful setting, no other boats. Enjoyed sunset drinks and watched the tide come up and cover the coral and cay. The wind started to get up … and up … and up. Swell was throwing the boat around a bit and I could not let out any more chain as the reef was behind us. Had Lamb Shanks for dinner, had trouble keeping accompanying sauce on the plate we were being thrown around so much. Tried to get some sleep but I ended up in the cockpit most of the night on anchor watch. Experience No1 of northern reefs.
Anchored 18.18.21S 146.45.66E)

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S 18° 37' E 146° 29'

7th – 8th August Zoe Bay - Little Pioneer

August 07, 2010

One of our aims was to get to Zoe Bay this trip on the outside of Hinchinbrook Channel. Departed Little Pioneer Bay having watched large Manta Rays swimming around the boat during breakfast..
Arrived Zoe Bay with a huge swell rolling into the bay, not to be put off, we packed lunch, launched the dinghy and surfed onto the beach, tied up the dinghy on the ‘beware of crocodiles’ sign and walked up the mountain. Our reward was a freshwater falls and swimming holes, spent few hours swimming having lunch and enjoying the view. We returned to the boat and had planned to go up the creek on high tide, however looking at the swell crashing in we decided to head back to little pioneer, left Zoe at 1600 and arrived at little pioneer 2000, tired but happy.

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S 18° 50' E 146° 32'

5th August – 6th August

August 06, 2010

Departed Horseshoe and headed north stopping at Islands we had not visited before, Herald Island for lunch, then to Rattlesnake Island (Anchored: 19.01.69S  146.36.55E) for the evening, fire ashore and sunset drinks.
Moved on next morning to Havannah Island ( Anchored 18.50.04S 146.31.86E) good sail for the morning, dropped anchor at 1215 and bottled beer we had brewing for the past 10 days.. Met some people on the beach who had bought motor boat in Japan and sailed to Australia. Had oysters on the fire.

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S 19° 16' E 146° 51'

31st July – 4th August

July 31, 2010

Mixed sailing still but enjoyable, more whales on the way. Spent couple of days in Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. Went across to Townsville marina for a night on 4th, picked up a few supplies, got diesel and had to replace the dinghy prop as the old one spun itself off the drive. Departed Townsville and headed back to Horseshoe bay.

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S 19° 44' E 147° 57'

30th July Cape Bowling Green

July 30, 2010

Left cape Upstart feeling relaxed and refreshed. Once again the wind forecast as light. Tried every type of sail setting, headsail only, main only both together, goose wing and still could not seem to catch the light wind. Saw another whale coming out of the bay. Vessel in front of us ‘Spirit’ called us up as it was coming across our path.
Eventually the motor went on and we discussed the merits of maybe buying a motor boat as it seemed over 50% of time we had to motor. Dropped anchor at Cape Bowling Green, the site of one of our worst nights at anchor about 3 years ago, today looked good.

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S 19° 44' E 147° 57'

28th July Cape Upstart

July 28, 2010

Departed Monties at first light to head north. Very light SE breeze sailed the first few hours but such is the weather the wind dropped out …. AGAIN…. Saw our first whale of the trip. Anchored at Cape upstart after 11 hours to cover 47nm. Stayed in Upstart for a few days just relaxing.

Anchored 19.44.01S 147.56.60E

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S 20° 02' E 148° 26'

26th July Monties

July 26, 2010

Decided to go around the corner to anchor outside Monties Resort and home of the Shag Islet Sailing Club. Good anchorage calm. Had a walk ashore and beer at Monties. Stayed a couple of nights.

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