'Dream Catcher's Summer Cruise 2010

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Visitors Yacht Haven, Falmouth - Monday 19th July to Thursday 22nd July 2010

July 19, 2010

Monday 19th July

After a nice night at Channal’s Creek and a leisurely breakfast, I decide to move up to the Visitors Yacht Haven in Falmouth. The forecast is for very wet weather tomorrow and then heavy showers for wednesday and thursday. Nice to be near the comforts of a town in wet weather and have shore power and wifi to catch up on the blog a bit. I also need to leave the boat for half a day on Wednesday to attend two appointments in Truro. Depart the creek after breakfast and sail up to Falmouth on just the genoa with the last of the ebb. Looks fairly busy as I motor around the Yacht haven looking for a berth. No alongside berths so will have to raft up. Motor back out and drop the hook in the anchorage and row ashore. I go down onto the pontoons and try to find a yacht to raft up to that is staying until at least thursday. I dont want to have somebody move the boat while I am away on wednesday. No luck initially but then I spot a little Sadler 26 who is staying until thursday. I hurry back to the boat hoping no one else takes the space while I am gone. I have already made my fenders and ropes ready so motor straight in and raft up. Perfect, its an inside berth away from the wake of passing boats and I am pointing into the wind ready for the heavy rain tomorrow. Unfortunately there are only four shore power points and eight yachts so I will have to wait for someone to leave. Pay for my berth at the office and head into town for lunch before enjoying a nice long shower. The rest of the day is spent shopping and doing a couple of little jobs aboard and having dinner ashore.

Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd

The rain started overnight and continued right through tuesday as forecast. Some very heavy downpours but I was nice and dry onboard thanks to my boom tent. Managed to connect to shore power and catch up on the blog. A short walk in the evening and dinner on board, too wet to be out walking around the town. Hopefully it will be drier tomorrow.

Wednesday 21st Up early for breakfast aboard and then a shower before catching the train to Truro. Its only half an hour on the train from falmouth and they run every half an hour. Fresh and showery all day but managed to avoid the rain. Back aboard by 1730hrs and able to catch up on some more of the blog.

Thursday 22nd Had to get on the train again today to attend another  appointment in Truro. Back to boat by 1430. Another showery day so spend time on blog and cleaning out boat. Intended to depart Yacht Haven today and anchor back at Channals Creek but decide to stay another night and make the most of the facilities.


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