Season 2 of Lana's Adventures

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Smooth Sailing (Ha, Ha!)

May 25, 2010

    May 25th we left Mystic, CT after having the hardest time finding Ford’s to pay for the mooring.  It so happens that the place was right in back of our mooring, but, in our defense it was foggy for two days and we really could not see it. While we were on our way to Westbrook, CT, the ocean decided to become as flat as a lake and the wind all but stopped.  We again became a motorboat, (The fall gave us more wind then we could handle and the Spring gave us hardly any.) 

    As we approached Westbrook Harbor, we noticed that the Marina was in deep water, but, the shore was rather close and I feared we would beach ourselves, (How embarrassing, that would be) Spruce gently guided us in and I helped with the dock lines.  After our gear was stowed, we walked into town and ate a rather enjoyable dinner at Billy’s Seafood, while listening to swing music on the patio.  The following morning we set out for New Haven CT.

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