Season 2 of Lana's Adventures

N 40° 24' W 74° 01'

Atlantic Highlands Yacht

June 02, 2010

June 2nd through June 7th, 2010

As we left New York harbor the winds started to kick up and the seas reminded us that the easy flow of the sound and the east river were no more.  Spending most of the day on the east river and in the harbor left us dangerously close to loosing our light and no safe harbor set for the evening.  After almost exhausting our possibilities we tried Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club.  They agreed to let us moor there for the evening.  They were safely tucked behind a rock jetty with deep water.  With our girl safe, we turned our focus onto the weather, which had taken a turn for the worst.  We were in for strong winds and thunder showers.  Atlantic Highlands was to be our home for a few days.  While we stayed at Atlantic Highlands we took in a movie, car show (Spruce, thought he had died and gone to heaven) and a small street festival.  The people at Atlantic Highlands Yacht treated us very well and even provided a launch to ferry us from our boat to their docks, but all good things must end and on June 7th we head back toward the North Atlantic again after months away from it and it’s fury.

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