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Whitsundays to Bowen

August 20, 2011

The Whitsundays kept us busy for a few more weeks.  Steve caught fish in Cid Harbour and mud crabs in Tongue Bay so he was happy.  Our Canadian friends taught us how to play Mexican dominoes which was a lot of fun, and we will be looking to obtain a set some time.

From the Whitsunday Islands we headed north, bay hopping very slowly to Bowen.  I was very happy to see our first whale, even though it didn’t come close to the boat.

Arriving in Bowen over a week ago, we took a pole mooring in the boat harbour.  Bowen is a small town, a little bit bigger than Westport, very spread out with extremely wide streets.  We have a five minute walk from the harbour into town and we have found the locals very friendly and welcoming.  We are now thinking of staying here a while and finding some work.  The harbour seems a safe place for the boat when we return to NZ for xmas.  It has survived a couple of cyclones without any major damage.

It was lovely to have Carol and John (Pericon), stay for a couple of days,  They are our first Kiwi visitors and we were sad to see them go. 

Hoping this finds everyone happy and healthy.

Anne & Steve


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