Norfolk Broads March 2010

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March 23, 2010

23rd March 2010

We take advantage of the fact that so few boats are about and moor up at the staithe at Ranworth.

Mooring here is stern to which can be tricky if there is a crosswind and you are trying to get in between two other boats.

Today there is plenty of room and the bow thruster makes steering astern a lot easier.

Ranworth has a post-office and shop that stocks basic supplies and souvenirs, a pub “The Maltsters” and an old church that is often called the “Cathedral of the Broads”.

The church is open to the public (until 6pm or dusk whichever is earliest) and you can climb to the top of the tower for a good view out over the Broads. (The climb is mainly a spiral staircase but once you get up to the top of the bells there are a couple of ladders to negotiate.)

I take Gary up the tower as he is a bell-ringer for his local church and is hence always interested in towers with bells in them!

A quick trip to the shop for some bits and pieces and then over to “The Maltsters” for dinner and a pint or three….

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