Rebel: Hobart to Bundaberg 2010

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Scarborough Marina

June 24, 2010


Tomorrow we fly off to South Africa for seven weeks and will leave Rebel in the Scarborough Marina. Our blog heading should have been Hobart to Scarborough and not Hobart to Bundaberg! The marina is on a peninsular towards the northwestern end of Moreton Bay. It is full of real cruising yachtswhere the owners have circumnavigated the world, or are in the process of doing so, or are on passages from one continent to another. This makes for loads of sound advice from those who have ‘been’ there and know how things work and why they sometimes go wrong. Naturally for us this means more work when we come back reconfiguring certain systems that are just plain wrong.


The marina is co-owned by Jaun Paul and Mara Mira. Jaun Paul and I used to sail Lasers at Southern Cross Sailing Club in Wemmer Pan, Johannesburg in the long gone days of our youth and last saw each other over 25 years ago! Needless to say there has been much catching up and swopping of stories. Next post will be from Durban or Johannesburg…


For some reason the site is not uplaoding photos – later…


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