Rebel: Hobart to Bundaberg 2010

S 27° 57' E 153° 25'

Southport Queensland

June 01, 2010

We finally got the weather window we had been waiting for and left Iluka on Monday at noon on a cloudless day. The wind was a lovely consistant 20 knots, with a flat sea and overnight a moonlight sky. It was wondreful not to be lurching from side to side, or peering into threatening weather – tho no photos were taken as it was all so calm and peaceful! The only reason we ran the motor was to charge the batteries.


We have already been ashore and made use of the new jetties Queensland has intalled for the marine community. This afternoon Ian dropped me off to have a decadent hot chocolate with my niece. Now to plan where to leave Rebel for two months while we are in SA.

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