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Palm Coast Marina

March 09, 2010

Finally, a day that was really good.  We left Halifax Harbor around 10:00 with very little wind and temperatures climbing up into the 60’s.  We had three bascule bridges to traverse, but all were open on demand, which are our kind of bridges.  We weren’t blown away by any power boaters or sports fishermen, and the water surface had only a few ripples.  Add to all those factors, we only had about 4 hours of motoring, and we arrived at Palm Coast Marina in good order.  I even got our stern line around the cowboy piling on the first try.  Truly, a monumental day.


We had good showers at the marina and another pasta and veggie dinner – probably our favorite onboard dinner.  Now we’re settled in for tonight and will try for an early start tomorrow as afternoon showers are predicted.  The weather forecast doesn’t look good for the next three or four days, so we’ll spend some time in St. Augustine and anticipate a better weather window for our travels to the north.  We’re discussing doing a day and a night outside, which would be a first for us, but we’d have to have perfect weather.


Check out the pictures for today.  The sailboat turned trawler is what happens when sailors get tired of the unpredictability of the weather. 


A short post for tonight, but just wanted to tell you of our good day after days of whining about the weather.

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