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Daytona Beach, FL

March 07, 2010

Ditto from yesterday except today was about 2 hours longer.  We left Titusville around 9:00.  The problem with the wind today is that we had to travel where the fetch was long: Indian River, then Mosquito Lagoon, then the Halifax River.  It seemed as though the wind was direct from the North Pole.  We had spray coming over the bow all day, and Bill frequently tried to wipe off the dodger, but his cleaning didn’t last long. I don’t know whether it was the wind or the waves or the fact that we were on the water for longer than usual, but we were both really tired by the time we arrived at the marina. 


We only had a couple of bridges to negotiate today – the Haulover Canal, which was open on demand and presented no problem other than a strong current, and the Coronado Beach Bridge which was on a restricted schedule.  Of course, we missed that opening by about three minutes – typical!  The Haulover Canal was filled with weekend fishermen and kayakers, but they didn’t pose any serious problems.  Mosquito Lagoon also had fishermen and clam diggers, but the most serious threat was a small boat with a couple who were anchored in the middle of the ICW oblivious to the danger they posed to passing craft or the more serious danger to themselves.  I guess it takes all kinds. 


Mosquito Lagoon is also home to Florida’s largest recreational vehicle park, precariously perched on the shores of the waterway.  If you ever wondered where those travel trailors traversing I-95 were headed – now you know!  This is one of the least attractive stretches of Florida’s waterways.  Unattractive to us because it is very shallow both in the waterway and extremely shallow outside of the waterway.  Also, the habitats are 180 degrees from the mansions we saw in south Florida. 


After a very long day we finally turned in to the Halifax Harbor Marina, a large marina with 550 slips.  This is a very nice marina with concrete floating docks.  We had an easy docking, enjoyed hot showers at the “yellow” station, and walked to a local pizza parlor for dinner.  This is the last day of Daytona Bike Week, and we shared the pizza parlor with several Bike Week representatives.  We remembered our last trip in 2007 when we came through Daytona during bike week and were happy that the constant roar of cycles on the roadway wouldn’t be repeated. 


Now, we’re watching the Academy Awards, but bedtime isn’t far away. Tomorrow should be a shorter day as we travel to Palm Coast Marina. 

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