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Back in Titusville

March 07, 2010

Another cold day on the water with temperatures in the 50’s and wind in the 20’s.  We left Telemar Marina around 9:30 in the morning.  A sculling scow had pulled out just as we had, so we called to them and asked them to stop as we weren’t as maneuverable as they were.  Fortunately, the ladies stopped on a dime and we headed back out the Banana River.  We dodged crab pots until we made it back into the ICW.  White caps were already present so we knew we were in for another long slog north.  We passed a few boats going south (downwind) with the captain and crew in short sleeves – ah, to be so lucky.  We, on the other hand, look like the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Doughboy!  The best thing about the cold and wind is that it keeps the pleasure boaters off the water, so there was little boat traffic, although there were still a few obnoxious sports fishermen.


We passed by Cape Kennedy and thought we saw the space shuttle on the launch pad.  It was really too far away to tell, but we have a picture, so you can be the judge.  Our dockmates at Telemar said they were in Titusville when the last launch occurred Thursday night.  Some of the couples at our dinner social at Riverside Café had stepped outside to see it, but came back disappointed.  “Nothing to see,” they said.  From our friends at the marina, we learned the launch had been delayed by about 20 minutes, so our dinner companions were back inside the restaurant when it happened.  I don’t think I’ll tell them about that, as the couple on the Beneteau at Banana River said it was spectacular.


We only had two bridges that were open on request to navigate today.  Both were bridges to the Space Center, and both have restricted openings on the weekday, but since it was Saturday there was no problem.  The bridge tender at the Addison Point bridge gave us a great opening – no waiting – and when we got to the Titusville swing bridge we saw that it was already opened.  Bill called and said he saw the bridge was open and the tender said, “Yes, it’s been open for two weeks.”  They are building a high rise bridge, so the construction has closed the bridge to traffic, but left it open to boat traffic.  I’m glad to see another high rise bridge in progress, but they need to work on the South Florida bridges first.


We made it to the Titusville Marina by 3:30, fueled up, and made it in to our assigned slip.  Although the wind was still whipping, we had one of our better dockings.  The only casualty was our “floating” boat hook which slipped from Bill’s hand and promptly sank to the bottom.  Luckily, we have another.  After good showers we are settled in for the evening looking forward to a crab cake dinner compliments of Fresh Market in Vero Beach.

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