South From Panama City Florida to the Dry Tortugas

N 30° 09' W 85° 39'

Strong Winter Storm

December 03, 2009

We are watching the weather real close as our departure date nears.  Strong storm winds are expected in the next day or two and we are hoping the gulf unwinds to allow us to cross the gulf 260 miles from Panama City to Charlotte Harbor Florida.  Looks like we will leave Panama City on Sunday Dec. 6th.

There are 3 boats crossing the gulf leaving the same day.


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N 30° 09' W 85° 39'

10 Days Until Leaving

November 24, 2009

This is really a test post.  We will be leaving Panama City Florida on Dec. 5th headed for The Dry Tortugas.

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N 30° 09' W 85° 39'

Getting Started

November 16, 2009

 Just getting started here.  We are Charlie and Pam and will be posting our journey blog here with pictures.  If anyone else has made the crossing from Apalachicola to Tarpon Springs Florida in the Gulf of Mexico please feel free to post a response. 

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