South From Panama City Florida to the Dry Tortugas

N 27° 29' W 82° 34'

Do we have to go home :-(

January 03, 2010

OK… our last leg of an awsome adventure!!!  It is 29 degrees and blowing from the north.  Charlie decided to let me sleep in the warm v berth, pulled the anchor and started westward toward Panama City.  It was so cold, that Charlie suggested 15 minute watches.  That seemed to work well, but didn’t keep us from still being so very cold!  We hugged the coast to keep the seas managable and proceeded westward.  We arrived at St. Andrew Pass and held up wondering if we should just point the boat back southward :-)  Got back to PC Marina early afternoon. 

This is our last blog entry for this trip.  We had so much fun on this cruise and made lots of memories that we will always hold dear!!!   We met so many great people – Lyle and Micki, and William and Judy, at Twin Dolphin Marina in Bradenton, and Steve and Karen our ICW partners southward, the folks at Frenchy’s in Clearwater Beach, and many more.  What an adventure!

Our map is updated to show our path and pictures are posted.  This was our longest voyage so far, but definitely not the last.  We are already  planning  our next journeys.  Thanks for following us!  Till the next time…

Charlie and Pam

S/V Jouvert Spirit

Panama City, Florida USA

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