South From Panama City Florida to the Dry Tortugas

N 27° 29' W 82° 34'

Crossing Gulf Northward

December 30, 2009

We left Clearwater Marina this morning with a small weather window to cross the gulf between cold fronts.  Our departure time coincided with the departure time of the charter boats leaving the area.  We fell in line in a narrow channel with several power boats headed for the day’s fishing.  The channel was narrow, the other boats were pushing, and we ran aground.  Charlie was able to get us off and going again in no time and we were off to the open gulf.  Overnight was tough for Pam but not as bad as the southward crossing.  Seas were rough and it was getting colder, but we pushed ahead northward heading for Carrabelle, as that is the closest crossing from Clearwater.

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