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It's only 100 miles, but significant for us

September 15, 2010

So all the work that we had planned to do whilst in Benalmadena is done.  We have rather sadly said our fairwells to some lovely people we have met, and have now left for our winter moorings in Almerimar.  The significants of our move is it is the start of our ‘Dream’ to sale East to our eventual goal of Greece & Turkey. I know something similar has been said before but, ’It’s a small step for a boat, but a big step for Ian & Bobbie’.  The date of 15th. Sept. 2010 is also somewhat ironic as it is the anniversary of our purchase of ‘Carlina’

The trip itself started at 06.00hrs on the 15th. and we had a wonderful days cruise to Motril where we overnighted and set off for Almerimar, again at 06.00hrs., arriving lunch time on the 17th.  The highlight for us was the two magnificent sunrises we witnessed.  Everything we are starting to do is so new to us, and the sight of day break was truely magical!!

We very quickly settled into our new surroundings, and for us, appreciated the quiet of the marina compared with Benalmadena.  We decided it would be a good idea to have the boat lifted into the boatyard to check and replace some of the sea cocks and some other work that can only be done out of the water, so she was lifted on the 27th. Sept.   We have now returned home and are planning to return mid Feb. 2011 to carry out the work, and prepare for our next step of heading for the Balearic Islands for next Summer.  Hope you will join us then for further updates.


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