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All Dressed up for a 'Wedding'

June 22, 2010

Our latest visit to ‘Carlina’ has been somewhat different from the norm.  Let me explain.

Since purchasing our boat in September 2009 we have met many new friends. A couple of these friends approached us asking if they could have a Wedding Blessing carried out on our boat.  We were delighted to agree to this request and the ceremony was carried out on the 26.06.10.  The day was very calm, very hot and deemed to be a perfect day.  Our new friends Les & Lorraine were the recipients of the blessing and were absolutely delighted of how the day unfolded. (See Pictures).

The other highlight was the visit of our life long friends Ann & Bill.  They joined us for a weeks holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Managed to get out on ‘Carlina’ a few times, the last trip was memorable as we were joined by a pod of very playful dolphins which was enjoyed by us all.

Our time is fast drawing to an end in Benalmadena and our next trip in August will be our last as we will be moving our boat to Almerimar for the winter.  This will be our first steps East on our quest to travel to Greece & Turkey which will be somewhat significant for us. 

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island_getaway December 23, 2011 at 06:34 AM

A very special boat for a very special celebration



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