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Gibraltar, Morocco & Ceuta

April 06, 2010

We arrived back at ‘Carlina’ for a two week stay, looking forward to our eldest daughter, Carla, her husband Bob, and our two grandson Daniel & Adam, joining us for a weeks holiday.  However mother nature changed our plans with the Icelandic Volcano.  We took advantage of the situation & stayed for just over seven weeks with our family staying with us for two weeks instead of one.  We managed to have two trips out into the bay.  Our first trip was rather cold, but the second trip was excellent.  We managed to have a really good day drifting for about  three hours and having a lot of fun swimming and sunbathing.

The family left for home on the 17.04.10 and on the 22.04.10 we decided to take advantage of our extended stay and went to Gibraltar.  It was our first long trip on ‘Carlina’ lasting just over eight hours in very calm weather although slightly colder that we would of wanted.  We stayed in Gib for three days.  Visited our relatives on the Rock (See Pics), bought some diesel and had a really good stay.

From Gib we decided as we were so close, we would pay a visit to Morocco.  So on the 24.04.10 we set off and after a six hour trip in rather rougher weather than we would of liked. (Force 6 to 7) arrived at Smir in Northern Morocco.  We stayed for just 24 hours.  It was certainly quite a culture shock.  Glad we went, but certainly not planning to return.

We left Smir and called into Ceuta, which is a Spanish enclave in Morocco, and stayed for a couple of days before returning to Benalmadena on the 28.04.10. in again weather that was rougher than we would of liked.  The plus point of our trip was certainly Gibraltar, and probably what was more poignant, was that ‘Carlina’ proved herself to us as a very good sea boat and we proved to ourselves that we could cope with quite difficult conditions.

We continued work on the boat for the rest of our stay, and enjoyed some really hot weather that was more like what you would expect on the Costa del Sol.  Returned home on the 25.05.10, looking forward to our next visit for three weeks in June.


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