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Plans of 'Mice & Men' 28.08.11 to 7.11.11

August 28, 2011

You’ve probably been wondering what we have been up to since our last Tripsailor entry. Let me try to explain. Our plan was to be leaving Almerimar in March of this year, but things got a bit complicated. I will try to explain. To finance our new Cruising Lifestyle we needed to sell a property. Well because of the financial situation that is effecting us all, the sale took almost a year. We also had another problem with the sale that is to complicated to go into here, but those of you that know us will be fully aware.

So anyway the house sale is now completed, & we have put into place this years plan for next year of leaving Almerimar at the end of March 2012 to commence our cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean.

We have been back to the boat during the year & carried out quite a bit of work. We stripped the old varnish from handrails, window frames etc. & revarnished with Sikkens Cetol Marine. We also recaulked the aft deck. Pleased with the outcome as we now have a leak proof aft cabin.

It wasn’t all work & no play. Our very good friends Sue & Frank came to stay for a couple of days & we had a lovely trip out into the bay for a bit of a swim & sunbathing. Whilst drifting around we had a visit from a Customs Launch. This was our first experience of this, but realised it proabably won’t be the last.

We returned home at the end of October & will be back again in February to complete our plans for heading off at the end of March after antifouling, engine servicing & I am sure a few more jobs that will manifest themselves as & when.

As we travel we will be posting more reports on our blog, so have a look here from time to time to see how we are getting along.

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Plans are Made to Change---22.02.11 to 29.03.11

February 22, 2011

Returned to Almerimar on the 22nd. February 2011 to carry out scheduled work before leaving for the Balearics for the Summer.  However because of unforeseen circumstances, albeit not particularly important, but things we need to address, we have changed our plans for this year.

We were expecting to be leaving Almerimar at the end of March for the Balearics, but on the 29th. March we returned home to address things that could only be done whilst at home.

The work that we had scheduled was almost completed & we have relaunched ‘Carlina’ back into her berth in the Marina very pleased with what we have achieved.  New solar panel, swimming platform re-bonded, skin fitting & seacock renewed, re-wired a lot of navigation equipment & the most labour intensive work was preparing the woodwork for protective treatment that we will carry out on our next visit. 

The plan we now have for this year is to return at the end of May & then cruise to Mar Menor for the Summer & return to Almerimar for next winter.  We have really settled into the Almerimar Marina lifestyle.  It is a very quiet location & also very sociable with a very lively liveaboard community which we have thoroughly enjoyed.

That is a very brief synopsis of recent activity that we will update with more of our ‘Goings On’ as & when they happen

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It's only 100 miles, but significant for us

September 15, 2010

So all the work that we had planned to do whilst in Benalmadena is done.  We have rather sadly said our fairwells to some lovely people we have met, and have now left for our winter moorings in Almerimar.  The significants of our move is it is the start of our ‘Dream’ to sale East to our eventual goal of Greece & Turkey. I know something similar has been said before but, ’It’s a small step for a boat, but a big step for Ian & Bobbie’.  The date of 15th. Sept. 2010 is also somewhat ironic as it is the anniversary of our purchase of ‘Carlina’

The trip itself started at 06.00hrs on the 15th. and we had a wonderful days cruise to Motril where we overnighted and set off for Almerimar, again at 06.00hrs., arriving lunch time on the 17th.  The highlight for us was the two magnificent sunrises we witnessed.  Everything we are starting to do is so new to us, and the sight of day break was truely magical!!

We very quickly settled into our new surroundings, and for us, appreciated the quiet of the marina compared with Benalmadena.  We decided it would be a good idea to have the boat lifted into the boatyard to check and replace some of the sea cocks and some other work that can only be done out of the water, so she was lifted on the 27th. Sept.   We have now returned home and are planning to return mid Feb. 2011 to carry out the work, and prepare for our next step of heading for the Balearic Islands for next Summer.  Hope you will join us then for further updates.


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Good Bye Benalmadena!!!

August 19, 2010

Arrived back in Benalmadena in the early hours of the 19th. August 2010.  Gosh aren’t we lucky.  We were greeted by the first rain that they have had since our previous visit in July.  Not just a little rain, it was absolutely torrential.  The upshot being that by the time we got from the taxi to the boat we looked as if we had been standing in a shower for 20 minutes.  Perhaps the Gods were trying to tell us something!!

Anyway, awoke the next morning to glorious sunshine. Busied ourselves with a few boat type jobs and on the 26th. August had a really lovely trip to Gibraltar.  Stayed for two days in a heatwave 42 degs; topped up with diesel and the obligitory shop at Morrisons. 

Returned to Benalmadena and continued with boat preparations for our move to Almerimar.

A really lovely surprise for us on the 7th. September was a visit from an old friend who we hadn’t seen for 42 years. We were able to catch up with each others news.  As I am sure you can imagine, it was quite expansive swopping stories as to what had been going on in our lives, in particular children, and grandchildren.  The highlight of her visit was a trip out into the bay where Lindy still showed she can hang onto the ‘Buoys’. (See Pics). and a visit from some very playful dolphins.

So here we are on the 14th. September, preparing for our departure, looking forward to fulfilling our dream.

Before closing the Benalmadena chapter we would like to thank so many people for their help and friendship.  They will be sorely missed.

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All Dressed up for a 'Wedding'

June 22, 2010

Our latest visit to ‘Carlina’ has been somewhat different from the norm.  Let me explain.

Since purchasing our boat in September 2009 we have met many new friends. A couple of these friends approached us asking if they could have a Wedding Blessing carried out on our boat.  We were delighted to agree to this request and the ceremony was carried out on the 26.06.10.  The day was very calm, very hot and deemed to be a perfect day.  Our new friends Les & Lorraine were the recipients of the blessing and were absolutely delighted of how the day unfolded. (See Pictures).

The other highlight was the visit of our life long friends Ann & Bill.  They joined us for a weeks holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Managed to get out on ‘Carlina’ a few times, the last trip was memorable as we were joined by a pod of very playful dolphins which was enjoyed by us all.

Our time is fast drawing to an end in Benalmadena and our next trip in August will be our last as we will be moving our boat to Almerimar for the winter.  This will be our first steps East on our quest to travel to Greece & Turkey which will be somewhat significant for us. 

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Gibraltar, Morocco & Ceuta

April 06, 2010

We arrived back at ‘Carlina’ for a two week stay, looking forward to our eldest daughter, Carla, her husband Bob, and our two grandson Daniel & Adam, joining us for a weeks holiday.  However mother nature changed our plans with the Icelandic Volcano.  We took advantage of the situation & stayed for just over seven weeks with our family staying with us for two weeks instead of one.  We managed to have two trips out into the bay.  Our first trip was rather cold, but the second trip was excellent.  We managed to have a really good day drifting for about  three hours and having a lot of fun swimming and sunbathing.

The family left for home on the 17.04.10 and on the 22.04.10 we decided to take advantage of our extended stay and went to Gibraltar.  It was our first long trip on ‘Carlina’ lasting just over eight hours in very calm weather although slightly colder that we would of wanted.  We stayed in Gib for three days.  Visited our relatives on the Rock (See Pics), bought some diesel and had a really good stay.

From Gib we decided as we were so close, we would pay a visit to Morocco.  So on the 24.04.10 we set off and after a six hour trip in rather rougher weather than we would of liked. (Force 6 to 7) arrived at Smir in Northern Morocco.  We stayed for just 24 hours.  It was certainly quite a culture shock.  Glad we went, but certainly not planning to return.

We left Smir and called into Ceuta, which is a Spanish enclave in Morocco, and stayed for a couple of days before returning to Benalmadena on the 28.04.10. in again weather that was rougher than we would of liked.  The plus point of our trip was certainly Gibraltar, and probably what was more poignant, was that ‘Carlina’ proved herself to us as a very good sea boat and we proved to ourselves that we could cope with quite difficult conditions.

We continued work on the boat for the rest of our stay, and enjoyed some really hot weather that was more like what you would expect on the Costa del Sol.  Returned home on the 25.05.10, looking forward to our next visit for three weeks in June.


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Anti-Fouling etc.......23rd. Feb/10th. Mar

February 23, 2010

Just arrived home from a couple of weeks in Spain where in between torrential rain we managed to get ‘Carlina’ lifted into the boatyard and carried out anti-fouling and anode changing.  Very pleased wth what we found, or perhaps more to the point, what we didn’t.  We discover that cutlass bearings and stern glands etc. were in excellent condition.  Yet again we are so pleased with what we are discovering about our pride and joy.  This being the first time we have ever had a boat of our own lifted out of the water it certainly focused our mind with some apprehension, but the expertise of the staff at Benalmadena Boatyard alleviated any concerns we had.  The actual job of anti-fouling proved to be quite daunting.  That is to say we were certainly somewhat overwhelmed with the size of ‘Carlina’ when we got her out of the water. (See Photos)  It proved to be quite a difficult job for us, but something we are  very satisfied to have achieved.  When we got her back in the water, she certainly looked very good.

Our next visit to ‘Carlina’ will be in April when we will be spending some time with our oldest daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons, which we are looking forward to very much.  Watch this site for further reports of what we have and what we will be getting upto in the not too distance future.

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News Update

January 01, 2010

Revisited Carlina on the 1st. January 2010.  In between quite a lot of rain we carried out several jobs i.e. Installation of new fridge, DSCVHF Radio, modification to main cabin bed, had new flybridge cushions fitted and several other miscellaneous jobs.  All in all quite a satisfying experience, especially as we are now seeing the boat taking shape to the standard we want.  We were here for just three weeks and in that time we were only able to get out into the bay for just one trip.  However it was certainly most enjoyable.  Now bearing in mind that back in the UK most people were experiencing very cold wintery conditions, snow, ice etc. the particular afternoon we went out, the temperature was about 73 degrees F. No wind at all and a flat calm sea.  It was absolutely magical. We returned home on the 19th.January looking to return at the end of February when we will be lifting Carlina to carry out antifouling and anode replacements. and hopefully not much else. 

We will keep you posted.


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Documenting our visits to 'Carlina'

October 09, 2009

With the excellent tutorige of Peter Bux from A.A.P Marine Sea School in Benalmadena I gained my International Certificate of Competence (ICC) I was able to take the certificate on my own boat which was a really good insight into her particular characteristics and idiosyncrasys.  It enabled me to gain a lot of confidence of what she could, and could not do.  Thanks again Peter.

Our first meaningful trip on ‘Carlina’ was with our very good friends Frank & Sue who came and stayed with us for a couple of days following a really lovely couple of days we had staying with them in their mountain retreat in Frigiliana.  The highlight of their stay was when we ventured out from the marina and we were joined by a large school of dolphins. To experience this with such good friends was truly magical.  The trip and occasion will remain a lovely memory with both Bobbie & I for a very long time.


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