Villainy sails south for winter

N 24° 19' W 76° 34'

I think we're alone now...

May 18, 2010

With two goals we motored only about 5 miles North to anchor off Little Halls Pond Cay.  Goal 1.  Solitude.  Check.  Again, we had our own small private beach where we tucked Villainy right up near the beach bookended with rocky outcroppings.  We swam out to check out the anchor (make sure it was set well) and ended up looking at some coral and fish along the way in 4’ of water when we spotted a very large sting ray swimming right for us.  Those guys are very curious and friendly.  We literally petted one in Georgetown as he kept swimming by brushing himself against my feet as if to pet me as well.  However, the current one was huge, took us by surprise, and I believe we were feeling extra vulnerable in our nakedness.  We swam quickly out of his path, but he kept veering towards us until at last he turned away.  Goal 2.  Sea Aquarium.  We took Lil Vill over to this coral reef on the map labelled “Sea Aquarium Coral Garden.”  We were immediately surrounded by so many fish when we dove it that it was hard to see sometimes. The coral were gorgeous and the fish we quite sociable.  We saw a few fish that we had not seen before including a trunkfish (video below) and a huge school of enormous jacks.  Check.  After a long day, we slept well.

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