Villainy sails south for winter

N 24° 45' W 76° 50'

Ex-Exumas :-(

May 24, 2010

We returned to one of my favorite anchorages, the island that is the southern most part of Allens Cay.  It is basically a U-shaped island with a great beach at the crux of the U just room enough for one boat.  Seeing that it was available we sped to the rockstar parking and weighed anchor.  We sat back and thought of how green we were when we first anchored here over 2 months ago and how much we had learned about anchoring.  With 70’ of chain rode we put Villainy exactly where we wanted her to sit for the night.   Galit dove the anchor and continued swimming for conch shells, her new habit.  It was hot as the winds had died down a bit and I sacrificed some of our precious ice to make a pitcher of frozen margaritas that cooled us down.  We walked around the beach and then went up through a trail where a big mean iguana charged Galit.  It had the number 32 painted in white on it’s back like a convict.  That night we sat alone watching the moon and stars swallowing a lump that it was our last night in the Exumas.

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