Sailing south on gale force winds

N 42° 37' W 70° 39'

Lost in Gloucester

October 15, 2009

10-15-2009 Thursday

As we entered Gloucester Harbor, it amazed how much different it looked from what they used in the Movie “The Perfect Storm”.  The harbor is more cozy and well protected from No’eastern Winds.  We know this from first hand knowledge; It appears that we will be here until Monday.  Two No’easters are on their way.  

Our first night, we scouted out the area, first for the YMCA, then the Library and then something to eat.  We had to have a full stomach in order to tackle the Porta Potty problem.  Anyway, we came upon a little out of the way place called “PoPo’s”, and let me tell you, that he has the best hot dogs, we have ever tasted.  Spruce had a Taco Dog and I had to have a Chicago Dog.  Boy, I can not say enough about the POPO’s.  Check out our Photos and his website.  If you make it down to Gloucester, see the Whales, the Fishermen’s Statues and Have a dog at POPO’s.  


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