Sailing south on gale force winds

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The Journey Continues

November 11, 2009

Today we took Lana to Casey’s Marina to be brought ashore for the winter. This morning we rowed out to her on glass smooth water, a very rare sight to us. The rowing was some-what surreal, The ripples from the oars were the only disturbance on the water. After reaching Lana we cleared the deck and stowed everything below & emptied the water tank. Then we dropped the mooring and headed to Casey,s. The water being so smoth and not wanting to disturb the tranquility of the moment; I chose to treverse the distance at idle speed. Just under 2 kts. When we rounded the bouy in front of Casey’s I put it in neutral and coasted the 200 yards. After tying up at the dock, we hauled the dinghy and stowed it on the fore deck.

Now we are making ready to depart Newport early in the A.M. by bus to Providence and the Amyrak connection to Boston, and than after changing trains, on to Portland.

We will not, however be staying in Portland just yet. While Lydia stays in Portland; Myself will continue on by bus to Waterville where  my son will meet me and return our car to us. After which we will travle back to Newport to retrive that which we need from Lana.

After all the above is accomplished we will return to Portland. Hopefully, we will be settled in by this comming weekend.

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