Sailing south on gale force winds

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Semi-Charmed kind of Life

November 02, 2009

As I sit in the Newport, Rhode Island Library, I realize that everything that has happen so far in this little odyssey has almost had a kind of kismet quality to it. For example, if you look back at the beginning of this leg of the journey you will see that every were we ended pulling into we had the facilities that we need and received an important cruising lesson.  The first stop in Saco Bay, taught us to always have land around us when the wind really starts to howl.  The next stop in Portsmouth, we learned that a mooring ball can in fact get caught between your rudder and keel.  In Newburyport, the lesson we learned was not about the skill of sailing, but, the surprising generosity among sailors and people in general. While in Gloucester, we were allowed to see and experience one of the last working harbors in New England.  Sittuate, turned out to be a respite and the most peaceful night of the trip.  The Cape Cod Canal, Sippican Harbor and New Bedford, showed us that we are really at the mercy of the ocean, and our boat, if handled properly, will always bring us home safely. The lesson in Newport, RI seems to be an echo of what we have already learned; There will always be people who will help those in need and the ocean will always be surprising and inspire us and all of those who go to her for a sail or just an afternoon.   We are not finished with our journey, because a great man and a man who has saved my bacon more than once has said, “Life is the journey!” and since we are not dead yet, the journey continues.  


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marysmith November 03, 2009 at 06:04 AM

Hi there Spruce & Lydia,

Just want you to know that I have been following you on you wonderful journey, and am looking forward to all you blogs as your journey continues. I happened to be on the phone with Joann Whitcomb tonight as I was checking you guy’s out. I read her your blog. She want’s you to know how heartwarming and eloquently put you made your blog, and that you made her feel like you were there. As I had her on the phone I read her a couple other of your blogs, especially the one of you in Newburyport. That seems like it was a great experience for you both. Keep us in touch and also keep the blogs going. When you get back to Portland I would love to plan a cocktail party etc with you 2 and Kathy and whomever. let me know keep me in touch luv ya


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