Sailing south on gale force winds

N 41° 38' W 70° 54'

NewBedford/Fairhaven to Newport RI

October 27, 2009

Saturday night was a doozy. We were glad to be in a slip safely tucked away in a corner of a safe harbor. The storm was quite wild; winds gusting to 45 & 50 kts. Rain at times comming down in torrents. Sunday was much nicer. We took a long walk in Fairhaven, took some photos and did some shopping. We heard that the seas outside the harbor were running at 8ft.

Departed today(Monday) around 0900. Seas were’nt too bad. We had a following sea that seemed to follow us no matter what our heading was. This kind of sea is somewhat more challenging to steer through; however it helps to make good time, as we arrived at Newport about 1500. Average speed 5.2kts.

New Port, RI. It’s got a large habor for cruising vessels, and plenty of moorings as it is late in the season. We will stay for the night and head out again in the morning, because, we’re going to have another good weather day tomorrow. We made 36.5 NM today and the trip to New London tomorrow will be about 40NM.

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Crankshaw October 28, 2009 at 05:07 PM

Hey hey…been following along…I paid for the whole seat, but I’m only using the EDGE!!! Hey look for Pablo in Newport. He crewed up on a sailing yacht to Newport last week and is bunking there while looking for more rides.

So is it what you thought it might be?

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