Sailing south on gale force winds

N 41° 38' W 70° 54'

OMG: The Seas are nasty!!

October 22, 2009


We left Sippican Harbor and the the seas were relatively calm. Once we were back in Buzzards Bay, they let loose on us again.  We ended up following at least three boats, (all bigger then us). As we crashed through the waves, I realized now the reason people were always shaking their heads and giving us concerned looks when we told them what we were doing and the size of our boat. Due to our size and shape, we spent a lot of our time, bobbing like a cork. The other boats that were not motoring, ended up sailing on their sides. 

As, we got closer to New Bedford Harbor the seas (Following again!) decided to calm down.  Once behind the Hurricane Barrier, all we had to deal with was the wind.  We docked at Sea Port Inn and Marina with the help of Chris.  Once docked we walked  across the bridge to New Bedford.  Then we continued to scout out important locations in town.

On friday we intend to scout out Fairhaven.  We will be here until Sunday at least.  The weather has a small craft warning at least until Saturday afternoon.  Sunday afternoon looks like a go.  We will attempt Newport, Rhode Island.


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