Florence is gone sailing

N 16° 18' W 61° 48'

Nevis – Deshaies – Guadeloupe

December 26, 2009

Nevis – Deshaies – Guadeloupe

Position: 16 18 45 N 61 47 88 W

Date: 26/12/2009


On boxing day we decided to go further down, first stop was Charleston in Nevis, it was an obligatory stop as we need to do clear out of the island. When done, we decided to spend a night in Montserrat and started sailing south… when approaching the island we were covered with ashes, so badly that we needed to keep our sun glasses on even when getting dark to avoid getting ashes in the eyes, the boat was getting pretty dirty and of course we decided not to take to risk to stop there and we continued till the Guadeloupe. We arrive around 2.30am on Sunday 27 december in Deshaies in the north of Guadeloupe. There we met Alain’s friends, and we spend a few days visiting the “Jardin Botanique” and sailing around Guadeloupe to snorkel at “ile pigeon”. I did really appreciate those few days a shore with a great family, and with whom I took the time to discover some of the local dishes.  thanks again.

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