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N 17° 22' W 62° 51'

Tintamare - st kitts

December 22, 2009

Tintamare – St Kitts

Position: 17 21 88 N 62 51 58 W

Date: 22/12/2009


We left Tintamare around 6.30am and decided to go as south as we could during the day.

First place where we could anchor was on the north of St Kitts around 7.30pm. We had just set the anchor and started cooking when a small boat came along us with flashing blue light. About eight guys were on board, and one of them asked us if they could check the boat. Being from the St Kitts coast guard, we accepted and 3 of them came on board with then big military shoes and guns. One of them was checking the boat paper and our passports when the other was checking our life jackets and security equipment, the third one wasn’t moving and stood still gun in hands – scary – … we just wanted to rest and eat quietly before going to sleep.

After half an hour they left, thanking us for our cooperation … oufff


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