Platu 25 World Championship 2009 Italy

N 42° 48' E 10° 43'

First Race Day

September 29, 2009


Instead of 1100h we finally startet at 1630h!!! But the delay of the start due to not enough wind was quite fun. The whole fleet was following the danish boat as they were the only boat with music ;). Sometimes more people were swimming in the sea than on the boats.

Finally at half past 4 the start of the yellow group and about 10 minutes later the blue group had the first race of this world-championship.

We had a very bad start – parked the boat close to the startingline and parked, and parked, and parked …. The wind-conditions weren’t the best – not more then 6-7 Knots! At the end we were one of last boats crossing the finish-line :(. well, there are 14 races left ;).

We returned to the marina Punta Ala quite late. Had a nice sunset-beer and Italian snacks at “Piccolo Bar” ;).


Video – Preparing for the first Race

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