Rebel in Hobart Tasmania Mar 2009-2010

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Anyone want a car?

February 28, 2010

A week of setbacks….. Transpires that our car registration and driving licences were suspended cos of an unpaid speeding ticket that we did not even know existed…. Even tho the fine has now been paid the suspension has not yet been lifted, so thank goodness no-one responded to our for sale ad for the car. Seems cars like ours are a dime a dozen so down comes the price and now we are looking for a willing recipient of a free car rather than a  buyer!! Ian’s computer finally gave up on Friday, so he bought a Toshiba. The first one would not boot up, so it went back to Officeworks and he is now busy setting up the second ‘new’ one, which appears to be behaving itself.


We were invited to a sailing friend’s birthday barbeque at a hut halfway up Mt Wellington. Gales were forecast for the day but that never scared off a Tasmanian and there they were, lighting fires in the drizzle and huddling in the three sided hut, which fortunately had a big fireplace inside. We were treated to rain, sleet, snow (melted as it hit ground), wind and sunshine, all for varied patches of time. Certainly added to the conversation and with an abundance of good food and dessert, everyone had a good time, including a few frozen looking hikers who came to share our fire.

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