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....dinghy chaps finally made

February 14, 2010

One week floating gently in a lovely berth in a lovely part of the world…. Pressurized by the list of things to do – with ‘Dinghy cover’ at the top of the list! The logistics of making a permanent canvas cover to put over the now tacky fabric of our 10 year old rubber duck were as follows: Search internet (I looove the internet) for knowhow on making a dinghy cover and find out the right name is the very odd ‘dinghy chaps’; get up at crack of dawn before wind picks up and pull rubber duck out of water onto narrow walkon and drape white newsprint all over rubber duck and tape paper to make paper pattern, making sure you do not step back into water by mistake; use wonky plastic table in marina laundry to transfer initial paper pattern to proper paper pattern; lay out pattern on carpet of motel room to measure how much canvas is needed; fantasize about an industrial machine that purrs over four+ layers of canvas without a hitch; cope with depression of realizing there ain’t no industrial machines waiting to be borrowed, rented or bought: check auction ads for sewing machines and spy a Brother sewing machine and just KNOW it will yours (even tho it is in job lot with six knives in a wooden block); beat back other bidders to triumphantly emerge lugging el ole Brother and load it into car (with knives); ask yacht club for room and table to step up machine; sew, sew, sew for three days, each day in a different room and day three in corner of dining room (empty of people thank goodness). The poor machine had to cope with thick thread and a beeg needle, and;from time to time four layers of canvas. It protested and stopped (jammed???) now and then in total distress and had to be hand coaxed back to clunking along. It was a great buy as at the end when normal cotton was used it purred along and am sure will treat its next owner well.


Needless to say, the overall look of the cover is unlikely to give the professional canvas people much to worry about, with the cover unlikely to be loved by anyone other than she who made it, and believe, me, she who made it with now dem sore thumbs and pin pricks in many a finger loves looking at it and is mighty proud of it, even if her mother and domestic science teach would be horrified at the tension and general appearance!


Many other things have been ticked off the list over the past week and departure date is getting closer and closer with the Clyde, the car, likely to be up for sale in this Saturday’s paper. Today we hoisted the storm sails just to check them…. Hoping we never have to use them!

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