Rebel in Hobart Tasmania Mar 2009-2010

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On the hard

February 05, 2010

Ian and I have worked like Trojans since leaving our Kings Pier Marina berth last Monday. We were taken out of the water on a cradle that runs up a ramp on railway type tracks. Then you blast the bottom of the boat with a hi pressure hose to get the barnacles and other sealife off the bottom. Then the net leg of the operation looks so daunting that you hire someone else to do the work for you!! Not so say there is more than enough for you to do. Ian re-inserted two tricky engine mount bolts and then serviced the seacocks, a job that is not yet finished. I acid-washed most of the outside of the boat (white bit) and then the past two days have been polishing it so it does not go yellow again.  With time against us we decided to polish the foot directly above the water line (still 95’ of surface…) and will do the rest when back in the water, using the rubber duck as a platform. Luckily the club has all the necessary equipment, such as scaffolding, ladders, long handled roller, etc. The Bilge Rats, plus Fergus the dog, have been wonderful as they have a wealth of knowledge and even if you do not employ them to do a stage of the work, they are happy to tell you how to do it.


Linda helped by bringing us a huge lasgne for dinner on Wednesday that we are going to feast on again tonight. We gave up on staying in the motel as we were literally using the room for showering and sleeping, which we can do here tho you very much feel like a poor white living in a parking lot! Access to Rebel is now up a ladder and the boat is filthy with grime and grease all over. Oh well, there is always next week to clean that! We are hoping to get back into the water tomorrow and will stay in a pen at the yacht club here for a week or so while we sort ourselves out and get ready to set off again. Must sell the car – it will be good to be keyless again.

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