Rebel in Hobart Tasmania Mar 2009-2010

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January 2010 finished...

January 31, 2010

Tuesday was Australia Day, a big holiday for the Aussies. In Sandy Bay there was a citizernship ceremony in the public park with around 90 people in Tasmania alone getting citizernship. Ian and I went on to Kingston Beach where all sorts of beach activities had been laid on for the kids,


On Thursday we went out on the Windeward Bound again as they needed extras for a TV enactment of the first burial in Tasmania 200 years ago. Ian had to help row the wooden boat with the corpse in it to the shore, so got his mugshot on the evening news! Fame and hopefully fortuen are around the corner!!In the evening we took advantage of the lovely weather to braai in a park with friends. Most parks here have either electric or gas barbeques that you simply use and leave clean for the next person. Very civilized and stops fires being light in the wrong place.


The Kings Pier Marina community is breaking up, with the various yachts going their separate ways. Kathleen and the twins from Motu flew back to New Zealand on Wednesday and Robert will sail the boat back when the weather is suitable. So that meant a farewell do on Tuesday night, and on Saturday night we had one aboard Rebel as we will not be coming back into the marina when we have finished on the slip. The last guests left a 1.30 in the morning and an entire batch of choc brownies was totally demolished – primarily by three guys….


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