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Back Aboard

September 24, 2010

After spending a very enjoyable 5-months back at our home base in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, we’re now back aboard the good ship Sand Dollar. The trip back to SD went well… until we reached Manila. Our ticket from there to Cebu apparently got deledted from the airline’s data base. We ended up having to buy another ticket – ouch! Btw, the trip consisted of flying from Orlando, to Atlanta, to Tokyo, to Manila, to Cebu; around 36-hours of trip time. Then we boarded a bus from Cebu to Dumaguete; 5-hours travel time. At Dumaguete, we rented a small motorcycle to get us to SD on Bonbonon Bay; 1-hour ride on a not always paved road. Fortunately, our good friend Bruce from Bonbonon met us at Dumaguete and ferried 3-bags of luggage on his motorcycle for us. It was quite the adventure!

We found SD to be in good order with no mold or mildew. We’ve been busy recommissioning her, hanking on sails, canvas, awning, etc. However, there seems to be a glitch with the engine; it doesn’t want to fire up. I found the fuel to be contaminated with microbes, but even after cleaning out the system, she still refuses to fire. More troubleshooting is in order.

We expect to be here for several weeks before moving on. We’re not sure where we’re headed next; perhaps other ports in the Philippines or directly to ports in Bornea. It doesn’t really matter, because they are all good.

A hui hoe (Hawaiin for “til we meet again”)

Ken and Katie


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