Ken and Katie's voyages aboard Sand Dollar

N 06° 32' E 99° 10'

Langkawi to Puhket - day 2

February 22, 2012

07,12.10E 099,03.90E

Dear Friends and Family,

We’re now in Thailand. We had light and variable wind leaving Telaga, but some of it was outstanding. We even got a few hours sailing under the spinnaker. Our first night’s anchorage at Ko Rawi was not particluarly remarkable, but the crystal clear water was a wonderful improvement over the murky jelly-fish filled Malaysia waters. Our sail from Ko Rawi to Ko Rok Nok was again mostly light and variable, but still pleasant. On arrival, we tied up to a mooring and after getting SD squared away, we jumped into the inviting warm, clear water. We enjoyed sundowners in the cockpit while watching a local boat with a dozen or so passengers pick up a nearby mooring and set the snorkelers afloat. As the tide was ebbing,the boat driver waited a few moments too long to exit the area, and soon the boat was on the reef. As we watched, the passengers resignedly packed parcels ashore, and the whole shebang looks like they are stuck on the beach til high tide tomorrow. The exodus of passengers and gear looked like a taping of an episode of “Survivor”! (Or cue “Gilligan’s Island” theme in the background.)It appears that for us it will be a pleasant evening (hopefully no drama) and tomorrow we plan on spending a lot of the day snorkeling the nearby reef. So far, Thailand has not disappointed!

Cheers! K and K

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