Ken and Katie's voyages aboard Sand Dollar

N 03° 18' E 101° 12'

Pulau Indah to Kuala Selangor

December 30, 2011

It’s been said that Port Klang sits in a soup of sludge, sewage, debris and other detritus, stirred by fierce currents and the wash of a myriad of tramp steamers. We decided to bypass it and make miles towards Lumut. We did 30 miles today under fairly good conditions. Motor-sailed all the way into light headwinds. Glad we were able to at least fly the mainsail as it makes a big difference in boat speed and comfort underway. We made a brave attempt to enter the river at Kuala Selangor, but alas, the bar was too shallow. We touched bottom once and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. So we dropped the hook in the open roadstead a little ways off shore and so far it is comfortable. If the weather looks agreeable, we expect to get underway tomorrow when the current shifts in our favor.

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