Santana's epic Journey

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La Coruna to Camarinas

August 14, 2009

On Friday 7 August  Doris, John, Andy and Paddy commenced our journey. we flew to Santiago in Spain via City of Derry and Stansted. Before leaving Derry we had a celebateary  meal at Halos and we were taxied there in style in Jonathin’s vintage Jaguar. This set the tone for our holiday. Everything after that was measured by that.

We arrived in Santago and set foot on the boat which was moored at Sada Marina, at lunchtime, in N.W.Spain. First drink of the day to celebrate our onward journey, then off for provisions. Commenced a spread sheet indicating our wine preference, price and name, regular grocerices as of home.

Sat., 8th

Sailed short journey from Sada to La Coruna. Fabulous city. well worth going into. Everyone very friendly. We had the fish of the day and wine recommmended to us. Andy’s spanish is very impressive. The last time i was in spain , which was three wks previous, i ordered fish and got the speciality which was black Black Pudding.

Sunday 9th

Left La Corunia for Corme. Arrived at 16.30. after a pleasent sail in bright sunshine and a light northly breeze. Ancored in the bay and tryed fishing for our supper. No luck. Cooked on board. Very pleasent. Updated our spread sheet on the wine to date.

Monday 10th

Departed Cormie 11am. arrivwed Camarinas at 13.30 .Moored in thre marina and lunched on board.  Evening, eat on shore and people watched, very entertaining.

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