The bottom job

The beginning of the bottom job

July 26, 2009

July 18 2009, Kindred Spirit is up on block in the Fisherman’s Boatyard in Freeport, Florida. We spent the majority of the first weak scrapilng, sanding, grinding and powerwashing the old bottom paint off. It is July, it is Florida, and it is HOTHUMID and HORRIFYING. The boat is almost 40 feet long, although it may not seem like we have done a whole lot, we have gotton very far in the first week

Dehydration, sunburn, and near pyschosis are the only health problems we have encountered so far. July 26, 2009 the engine is craned out of the boat. We are getting a new transmission shipped to us so we figured this would be a good time to do all the work we need to do in that compartment.  We also started putting mud on the boat today to fill in the areas that are blistered, worn away, or in need of repair.

More to come, check out the pictures.

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