The bottom job

More Bottom Job

July 27, 2009

More than a month later our boat is still at the dry dock, up on the blocks, still getting work done to her. Sand, grind, sand, grind, epoxy, sand, epoxy, sand, engine work, transmission work, epoxy, sand. I could be a sales represenative for dewalt tool company at this point. This week we hope to start laying on epiglass…aka no more sanding!!! I have come to hate it and all of its associated activities, the suit, the mask, the heat, oh and especially that little drop of sweat that builds at the tip of my nose that i can shake off when it starts to itch under the duck mask!


The job is coming along, it has taken a lot more time, a lot more effort, and a lot more money than what we were expecting. Have to do it though to get the boat insured/appraised.


And best of all when we are done here we get to work on the other boat…the dinghy!!!

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