Scottish Isles Sailing Blog 2009

N 54° 04' W 04° 43'

Port St. Mary, Isle of Man

August 26, 2009

Wednesday 26th August

The forecasts gave some hope of a suitable break in the weather with F4 W and even NW promised.  Unfortunately this was between late Wednesday evening and Thursday lunchtime.  We convinced Sea Lark (based at Port Penryn) that this was the only opportunity between now and next week, as indeed it seemed to be.  I have nothing against sailing at night other than:-

  • Cold
  • Dark
  • No sleep
  • No alcohol
  • I get disorientated and think lights are nearer (or further away) than they actually are

We set off together at 2300.  Pitch dark and a rough sea.  Jan is by now a fully paid up member of the “smooth to glassy” club and understandably not keen on these “lumpy to sick inducing” conditions.

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