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Ardfern to Crinan Canal

August 07, 2009

Friday 7th August.  Ardfern to Crinan Canal.  This was supposed to be Ardfern to Tayvallich and the Fairy Isles but as there was no wind and an unfavourable strong tide we made for Crinan.  This decision was made after much vacillation from me who as usual once I changed my mind, continued to do so and actually led to me driving Soay round in circles for a few minutes!!

This (the Crinan Canal) could have been £90.16 well spent were it not for the midges (now found us!!) and the returning yachts from the White Heather Club West Highland Terrier Week.  We spent the night above Lock 11.  We went through most of the locks alone pursued by aggressive packs of WHCWHTW yachts who presumably saw us as a bar to their “progress”

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