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Luing to Ardfern Marina

August 05, 2009

Wednesday 5th August  Left Ardinamir Bay for Ardfern 14.30

An expensive day

Had a morning walk on Luing rewarded with fine views over Mull (raining), Cullipool and the Garvellachs

We waited for 2 hours of flood before negotiating the bar.  No problem, minimum depth 3.2 M.  Would have been OK at low water.  Huge amount of kelp on anchor which could have accounted for our feeling that whilst the anchor wasn’t dragging, we were moving slowly backwards!!  Bent the boathook getting it off

Reefed sails only (of course) from 14.45. Southerly force 5 with gusts in excess of 30 knots. Fine, sunny weather but … windy. Beat north of Shuna and then into Loch Shuna.  Exciting sailing with Soay well heeled over with most of it’s contents, including the dog, shifting from one side to the other as we tacked

At about 1540 we noticed the dinghy had flipped over in a gust and that the seat was now missing.  Motor-sailed downwind to look for it.  No sign

1545 onwards motor-sailed (main only) south down Loch Shuna, east of Reisa Mhic Phaidean (doesn’t he play for Manchester City?) and into Dorus Mor.  Quite rough.  Overfalls, but at least I got the tides right.  Once in Loch Craignish sail only on a sparkling broad reach of 6.5/ 7 knots or so.  Ardfern Marina 1800.  Pub 2000

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