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Bunessan to Isle of Coll

July 22, 2009

The most terrifying day in the life of an Oscar.  Despite the appalling weather in Bunessan, the day was just lovely, sunny and warm and the sea was so calm.  We motored out of Bunessan to the Isle of Staffa.  Mum was taking photos and went onto the foredeck (very brave) to take pictures of Fingal’s Cave on Staffa as we went past.  Three canoeists were there too and waved to us.  Then it arrived… 

Now I’ve watched Jaws, most of the time with my paws over my eyes I have to say, but nothing prepared me for the horror of what was to happen next.  I was not born to be fish food but it was coming to get me.  I don’t understand why Mum was so happy, taking so many pictures – did she not realise that her darling Oscar was obviously on the dinner menu for this huge shark!  See the pictures – its mouth was all of five feet wide, I don’t exaggerate! 

If that wasn’t terrifying enough, Dad needed more excitement.  He ordered Mum to go and get the…. Death chute!  This sail is so big, one breath of wind and its curtains for us all!

I couldn’t stand it, I had to go down and mentally write my will.  If Tess thinks she’s getting anything more than my second best lead, she’s got another think coming!  I was astonished we made it to Coll.

To celebrate our survival we all had dinner at the nice hotel on Coll.  Well that’s what I thought we were celebrating, they seemed to think they had had a wonderful day and Dad treated Mum to lobster so she had to forgive him for yesterday’s trauma.  It was only half a lobster, this is Dad after all.  Uncle Derek was trying to encourage Mum to ask for a whole one because, he said, he liked to see Dad cry!


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