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East Loch Tarbert to Tighnabruaich. West Kyle

August 10, 2009

Monday 10th August  East Loch Tarbert to Tighnabruaich. West Kyle

Another drizzly morning but it cleared up later so Mum gave in to Dad’s eagerness to go somewhere else.  He promised her a look around ELT but it didn’t happen as usual – just the preverbial tying up outside the Co-op for provisions and that’s it.  You can get so bored – supermarkets are exactly the same no matter which port you’re in!


Banished to the cabin, I believe Mum had a good sail.  Dad seems to have got the message and is letting Mum do more things – like helming while tacking – much better!  The afternoon cleared up to a lovely evening and I had a good sniff around the mainland.

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