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August 09, 2009

Sunday 9th August Crinan Canel to East Loch Tarbert

Despite the initial drizzle, it turned out a beautiful still day.  We emerged out of the Crinan to the lovely Loch Fyne, still and serene.  Dad decided to fish for Mackeral (I don’t know why because the only fish he will eat is in batter!)  Mum was fascinated, she’d never fished before.  Dad caught 3 fish straightaway but Mum pronounced them too small so we let them go.  Dad tried again, and after some tuition Mum tried herself and caught 4 fish – one escaped. 

When we landed on the pontoons at East Loch Tarbert, Dad wasn’t allowed a docker – we were sent off to buy malt vinegar and rolled oats.  When we got back, I was so excited at the prospect of my first taste of mackeral, I made a mistake and missed my footing and fell into the water.  Mum said she was deeply suspicious that I might have been pushed, but I don’t agree.  Dad’s my hero, he saved me!  I didn’t know I could swim, but I couldn’t find anywhere to get out so I thought I would dive under the pontoons to the other side.  Next thing I know Dad grabbed my ear and pulled me to dry land, well onto the pontoon anyway.  Mum did her bit, towelled me dry, and became quite soppy, ugh!  But she also gutted and cooked the mackeral for our lunch so she’s not that bad. Dad wasn’t keen but I really enjoyed it.    Mackeral and Baker’s Light Chicken biscuits go really well.


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