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rdinamir Bay, Isle of Luing to Ardfern

August 05, 2009

Wednesday 5th August Ardinamir Bay, Isle of Luing to Ardfern

Another civilised day and beautiful weather!  My early morning constitutional bagged two islands, Torsa and Luing in one!  Later Mum and Dad took me for a big walk on Luing.  We almost walked to the village but not quite.  The local hairy cattle were none too pleased to see me, very scary, but at least they had the good grace to show us the way!


Back on the water and out to Ardfern.  As I said, beautiful weather but what were they doing!  Bouncing me from one side of the boat to the other, and the contents of the cabin.  I connected with Mum’s camera bag several times.  I believe they call it tacking.  I snear in the face of Dad’s chagrin, he wasn’t having a good day – bent Mum’s new boathook getting out of Ardinamir Bay (a present from Dad) and he lost the dinghy seat.  I use that dinghy seat, its how I get aboard it.   What was he thinking?  Mega amount of shouting as the sails were brought down outside Ardfern, can’t quite understand why, but we were a bit close to the other side of the Loch.


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