A year aboard S/V Harmony

N 28° 24' W 80° 40'

Fernandina Beach to Cape Canaveral

November 20, 2009

We spent 3 days on a mooring in Fernandina Beach.  After sleeping most of the first day and through the night we hauled the dinghy, Little Harmony, off the deck and put her in the water so we could go ashore and stretch our legs and shower, always a treat.  The second morning we awoke to thick fog which didn’t clear till 9am, but the third morning we woke at 4 am to clear skies and headed back out to sea for another overnighter to Port Canaveral about 140 miles south.

Once the sun came up we took turns trying to get some sleep during the day in advance of the long night ahead, but the large swells coming from the east made snoozing in the v-berth rather like trying to sleep on a galloping horse, still we rested.  Overnight we saw amazing phosphorescence in the waters around the boat, streaking from side to side, and exploding on the surface like green fireworks, only then realizing it was caused by dolphins swimming alongside.  There was no fog early the next morning and very little traffic so it was thanfully an uneventful night, and the sun came up with only a 20 miles to go till we reached our destination.  Large cruise ships returning to port, lit up like christmas trees showed us the way to the port canaveral canal, and we entered the lock at about 8.30 am alongside a manatee, a true sign we have made it to florida, along with the palm trees everywhere.  We checked into the harbortown marina for 2 nights after fueling up, as they had a great deal on, 0.60cents a foot per night, almost as cheap as a mooring, but with the added benefit of shore power so we could use the airconditioning, and we needed it as it was HOT.


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